Why Choose Us

As Lions, we organise events to help raise funds towards improving the Namibian community.

We strive to make a difference on the lives of people who are disadvantaged.

Being a Lion, the organization promotes leadership development opportunities for clubs with access to resources to nurture and develop leadership skills.

We organize many fun events to help the community and being part of this will energize your life.

It is a great feeling knowing that you have enriched the life of others.

Who We Are

Lions Clubs International, in short “Lions International”, was founded in 1917 by Chicago businessman Melvin Jones with the aim to encourage dedicated businessmen and community leaders to engage themselves in service activities for the betterment of their communities under the simple motto “We serve”.


To meet challenges under this motto is something that unites Lions around the world. It is unconditional and it is not limited to continents or restricted to certain causes. Lions help wherever, whenever and however they can.


Our mission “to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary service through community involvement and international co-operation” soon spread around the world, encouraging service-minded people to emulate such a noble course.


Today Lions Clubs International is the largest voluntary service organization in the world with 1.4 million Lions members in 47,000 clubs and 757 Lions Districts in 200+ countries.

Countless Acts of Kindness

In order to “serve” we need funds, which are raised through various activities, such as

Our Completed & Ongoing Projects

  1. Rhino Momma Project

    N$0 Raised
    The sponsorship of funds will be utilised to purchase 9 Ton of feed for the Rhinos.
  2. Club JENA (DE) Hospital Project

    N$0 Raised
    Another heartwarming and rewarding Service Project by Lions Club Jena and Lions Club Windhoek Alte Feste successfully achieved through our longstanding relationship with this International Lions Club.
  3. Drop By Drop Wells for Namibia

    N$0 Raised
    We want to install ten wells in Namibia and thus create access to clean drinking water for at least 10 000 individuals. Access to safe potable water will result in better health, it will enhance the chances of education, and it will offer a possibility of self-sufficiency in agriculture in Namibia.
  4. SPCA Kennels & Wendy House

    N$0 Raised
    The SPCA's Cats Kennels & Wendy House renovated by JP de Jager Construction for N$43230. March 2019.
  5. Supporting Childhood Cancer

    N$0 Raised
    Lions Club Jena in Germany in collaboration with Lions Club Windhoek Alte Feste, Supporting Childhood Cancer – donation of a washing machine required for the children’s cancer ward along with gifts for the children at Windhoek Central Hospital. November 2018.
  6. Wake Up Early Education Centre

    N$0 Raised
    In Collaboration with the Lions Club Jena Germany and Lions Club Windhoek Alte Feste. Donation of a Overhead Beamer and Surround Sound PA system to the Wake Up Early Education Centre. November 2018.
  7. Engaging Our Youth

    N$0 Raised
    Celebrating birthdays at SOS Children's Village. Since 2016 our club celebrates with the children of SOS Children's Village in the Lions House No.7 and Rotary House No.8 on their birthdays. The children are presented with a birthday cake, sweets and drinks.
  8. Protecting Our Environment

    N$0 Raised
    We would like to thank LASHER TOOLS on behalf of LIONS CLUB WINDHOEK ALTE FESTE for their generous donation. We also thank African Building Supplies for having convinced Lasher Tools that this is a worthy project.
  9. Relieving the Hunger

    N$0 Raised
    Feeding hungry children in body & spirit; strives to eliminate starvation in children throughout the world by helping to instill compassion in people to hear & respond to the cries of those in need.
  10. Sharing the Vision

    N$0 Raised
    On World Eyesight Day we carry out vision screening and eye examinations for adults & children.
  11. Brightstar Kindergarten

    N$0 Raised
    The construction of a boundary wall and ablution facilities at the kindergarten.

All monies raised from the public are 100% ploughed back into community service projects and none of these funds are ever used for any other purposes. Lions are volunteers and give freely of their time, effort and money.

Donations are always welcome and highly appreciated.

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