Who Are The Lions

The Association of Lions Club, in short “Lions International”, was founded in 1917 by Chicago businessman Melvin Jones with the aim to encourage dedicated businessmen and community leaders to engage themselves in service activities for the betterment of their communities under the simple motto “We serve”.


To meet challenges under this motto is something that unites Lions around the world. It is unconditional and it is not limited to continents or restricted to certain causes. Lions help wherever, whenever and however they can.


Their mission “to create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary service through community involvement and international co-operation” soon spread around the world, encouraging service-minded people to emulate such a noble course.


Today Lions Clubs International is the largest voluntary service organization in the world with 1.4 million Lions members in 47 000 clubs and 757 Lions Disctricts in 200+ countries.


A person who achieves success,
who lives well, laughs often and loves much;
who gains the respect of intelligent people
and the love of little children.


Who fills a niche and accomplishes his or her task,
who leaves the world better than he or she found it,
whether by a brighter flower,
a perfect poem, or a rescued soul.


Who always sees the best in others
and gives the best he or she has;
whose life is an inspiration,
whose memory is a benediction.